About us


Bit House Collective is a bar serving hospitality, inclusivity, creativity, and positive vibes through a collaboration between a number of Portland's most innovative food and drink creators. Pono Brewing and Mixtress, Natasha Mesa join forces in selecting a new kitchen team to take over the food menu every 3 months, giving up-and-coming talent a stage to shine on. 

Under Head Brewer Larry Clouser, Pono Brewing has been making exceptional beer since 2016 for coveted tap lists and bottle shops across the Northwest; Bit House Collective is a place where fans can find Pono’s full selection of offerings on tap at all times. Natasha Mesa (formerly of Deadshot) and her passionate bar team flex their raw talent to develop intriguing new cocktail flavors and combinations layered on the classics within an inclusive space self-described as ‘Michelin Star Dive Bar.’ 

Check our Instagram @BitHouseCollective to see what celebrated chef is currently being featured. Bit House Collective is paving the way for the new future of hospitality and the rebirth of the Portland bar scene. 

For To-Go Orders please visit: plantbasedpapi.com

As a member of city council, Mr. West aided public enterprises that advanced city interests—including construction of the first bridge to cross the Willamette river—and was esteemed a worthy citizen and efficient builder of the city. Built in 1892, this block is among the oldest group of surviving buildings in what was once the main district of East Portland.

Elk Collective Design helped us preserve the look and feel of the original saloon with the use of old bourbon and Oregon wine barrel staves. Brick and brass still run throughout and the chandeliers from the old East Bank Saloon still hang overhead as a nod to what once was.

Our goal is to be the best damn bar you'll ever grace with your presence.